Txema Franco

Lantegi Batuak, the social enterprise with added social value

Lantegi Batuak and the University of the Basque Country and Deusto Business School, have developed a methodology that allows objectifying, visualising and quantifying the social value generated by non-profit organisations, especially the third and fourth sector ones, so that they can value their contribution to society. The methodology develops a social accounting model that allows incorporating the social value, in its monetised form, employing accounting standards; with the economic one. Among the parameters measured in the study we can find the direct and indirect socio-economic value (staff employed, public administration, customers and suppliers), the savings or economic return that public administrations get, the value contributed to the families of people with disabilities or grants received. The application of this model makes possible the quantitative and monetised comparison of integrated value between companies, which would involve more efficient decision-making based on symmetry and more complete information (private organisations), more efficiency in consumption or investment decisions (private individuals) and efficient indicators for establishing public policies (public administration). Overall, it could prove to be a basic and valuable component of business reputation.

Txema Franco is managing director of Lantegi Batuak, the largest business and social enterprise in Biscay (Basque Country, Spain). Lantegi Batuak is a non-profit organisation which generates employment opportunities adapted for people with disabilities, mainly for people with intellectual one, with the aim of helping them to develop their potential and improve their quality of life. The foundation creates and manages sustainable and competitive initiatives in the industrial and services sector, promoting the employability by offering a range of different paths to social and labour inclusion These include guidance, training, occupational and sheltered and supported employment. After 35 years in operation, Lantegi Batuak is formed by 2,600 people with different disabilities, who are organised in 25 centres and services in Biscay, providing solutions for more than 1.000 different customers, public and privates.

The Lead the Way conference in Stockholm, 28-30 of May 2018.