Shanti Raghavan

Blueprint to scale and sustain livelihoods of persons with disability

Enable India has developed a blueprint which is a scientific and scalable framework for the different stakeholders, to start, scale, and sustain disability livelihoods. The Blueprint is aimed at the government, employers, and civil society organizations, and will build the competency of the professionals to evolve with the economy. The presentation will focus on showcasing the frameworks and provide case studies and metaphorical examples to explain the blueprint. The expectation is that the blueprint can get adopted by different international agencies working on disability and look at strengthening and deploying the blueprint across various geographies.

Shanti Raghavan, is the Founder and Managing Trustee of Enable India, a non profit organization established in 1999 working for economic independence and dignity of persons with disability. Enable India was started after experiences with her brother who started growing blind at the age of 15. She has rich grassroots experience of over 16 years working across 11 disabilities. Shanti Raghavan is, a social entrepreneur who has pioneered disability livelihood models, methodologies and frameworks and innovative workplace solutions. Enable India has opened up more than 272 jobs across 27 sectors where persons with disability are earning starting salary from Rs. 66000 to 18 lakhs per annum and their work has reached 359 locations in 28 states.

The Lead the Way conference in Stockholm, 28-30 of May 2018.