Maria Larraza Malkorra

Understanding and meeting DOUBLE business needs

We widely recognise that robotisation and automatisation do not only belong to the future, but they are also part of the present. Being competitive in industrial markets already requires meeting robotisation or automatization related needs. Meanwhile, social enterprises that seek for socio-labour inclusion for people with disabilities keep working with production models that need to turn competitive work into easy, repetitive and little added valued tasks, so that more work opportunities are generated. How can we match both needs? In GUREAK we have decided to take the challenge. GUREAK is positioned as a partner with integral solutions based on mechatronics in sectors like automotive, elevation, renewable energies, electric appliances and smart homes. We work as partners collaborating with business leaders in co-design, R&D and engineering and we have defined specific lines of action so that robotisation and automatization switch from threat to opportunity. This involves that GUREAK operates with some specialized workplaces that are technologically intense, robotized and with high rates of productivity. It may seem that this goes against our mission, but it is exactly thanks to this strategy that GUREAK has 15 more workplaces that offer work opportunities on assembling activities for over 3000 people. Consequently, if GUREAK had not evolved to satisfy these complex industrial needs, we would not have been able to keep activities that directly respond to people needs. And the challenge continues.”

Maria Larraza Malkorra is PhD in Management Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Cooperativism at the University of Mondragon. She also holds a Master’s degree in Marketing (ESIC Business & Marketing Shool), a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Management (University of Mondragon) and a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Humanities (University of Deusto). She started her professional career in communication and comercial roles of ICT companies as IBM and IKUSI, and she also developed lecturing activities as marketing and business professor at the University of Deusto. Currently she is Marketing and Communication Manager at GUREAK Group.

The Lead the Way conference in Stockholm, 28-30 of May 2018.