Juliana Moraes & Karin Åslund

Soft skills in focus

In order to achieve better matching it is necessary to take soft skills into account. With better data, both regarding candidate profiles and job descriptions, earlier in the recruitment process one could be able to present more relevant candidates. This could make the recruitment and job-seeking process more accurate and could hypothetically, also promote a more inclusive labor market. Increasing the self-awareness amongst jobseekers and hiring managers will improve the matching system as a whole. Competence Matching is a two-year project at the Swedish Public Employment Service. It aims to create both a framework for structuring data on soft skills and develop tools for profiling soft skills.

Karin Åslund work as a project manager for Competence Matching at Swedish Public Employment Service. She has over fifteen years experience of working in public sector with both skills provision and development and mainstreaming policies for equal rights and opportunities.  

Juliana Moraes works at the Swedish Public Employment Service as a psychologist since 2010. Organizational and work psychology has always fascinated her and she truly believes that a lot more can be done to bridge the gap between science and practice in personnel selection. Making assessments less intuitive and focusing on critical skills and desired behaviours is necessary to ensure recruitment processes that are fair to everyone.

The Lead the Way conference in Stockholm, 28-30 of May 2018.