Dipesh Sutariya

Enable India Social Enterprise: A value proposition for inclusion of persons with disability

Enable India has impacted livelihoods across 11 disabilities and has primarily worked in inclusion of persons with disabilities by opening up 272 job roles many of which are cutting edge jobs across 600 companies in 27 sectors. The reasons for such a high engagement with companies has been the value proposition for the companies to include and hire disabled. Over the years, the value proposition was extended by forming a social enterprise Enable India solutions pvt ltd. The social enterprise proves the value proposition of inclusion of persons with disability and pushes it even further. The social enterprise has been profitable from its inception with little or no marketing except of the brand value of Enable India. The second large outcome of the social enterprise is a huge leap in the quality of services offered. This is because in a non profit setup which is funded, adding more human resources to a project is almost impossible. In the social enterprise, additional resources can be added keeping budgets in mind and hence can deliver quality to customer.

Dipesh Sutariya is the Co-Founder and CEO of Enable India, a non profit organization that works for the economic independence and dignity of persons with disability across India, since 1999. Dipesh Sutariya is transforming attitudes towards employment of people with disability and creating a new market in which the needs of the corporate sector are met by a growing group of professionals with disability who will dispel the myths and stereotypes about hiring persons with disability. 

Enable India has been a pioneer in changing mindsets to mainstream livelihood and inclusion of people with disability.

The Lead the Way conference in Stockholm, 28-30 of May 2018.