Arend Pieterse

The system in the Netherlands to support persons with a disability to get work has changed. The Participation Act became in effect in 2015. This caused changes that we haven’t seen in decades. Considerable economy measures and a shift of political responsibility from the national level to the local level caused major disruptions. In these circumstances Cedris focused on guiding persons with, what is in the Netherlands called, a distance to the labour market to work. That’s the mission and in our lobby we campaign for the use of six instruments by all municipalities to support this. These instruments are: Work process, made to measure (job carving, job creation, etc.), Developing employee skills (education, on the job, etc.), a local Network of employers, Supported employment/placing people in other companies (Individual and/or in groups, etc.), Matching and coaching (job coach, employer demand, skills, etc.) and Sheltered employment.

Arend Pieterse started working for Cedris in 2007 and has in a small organization of fifteen employees several tasks such as secretary of the Board and is responsible for labour affairs, collective purchasing agreements, European affairs and the internal organisation. Cedris is a nationwide umbrella organization of 93 members. Most of them have municipalities as public shareholders but some are privately owned social firms. The number of employees per member range from dozens to several thousand. Overall the members of Cedris have over hundred thousand employees working in a sheltered or supported environment.

The Lead the Way conference in Stockholm, 28-30 of May 2018.